*Digital-Paint Tool Sai* Small Cheeb

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  • $ 5.00 base price
  • 1-4 Days estimated turnaround
  • Currently Unavailable
*Digital-Paint Tool Sai* Small Cheeb
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JessiScribbles describes this slot:

Type: Specific

The big, exaggerated eyes are very familiar to artists and others alike who are a fan of chibis. Or, in other words, an exaggeration of eyes and child-like features for any given character, regardless of age. If you do not find the big eyes and enlarged head fun to look at, however, there is another option. 'Small Cheeb' is a much more simplified style. In fact, it can be said the cheeb style featured in this slot is a direct cousin to the well known stick figures most people can draw (with some extra teaspoon of adorableness, of course!)

Order will be sketched, colored and layered in the art program Paint Tool Sai, and if necessary other art programs to help size the picture and refine it.

The $5 price is the basic deal and includes one character like you see here. For more complex character designs (4 max per piece), prices will vary.

Before contacting me, PLEASE read my terms and conditions!

When messaging as regards to an order, make sure to provide me with:
-visual references of character(s) desired for the cheeb style (email me at jessiscribblesartblog@gmail.com if needed)
-a description of wanted poses and facial expressions
-Want the picture to have a background or be transparent?
-If necessary: Desired size and dimensions of the picture?

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