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Gratitude '18

I am very grateful for A&C because I was able to meet many clients and work with them as a freelance illustrator online without worrying about being scammed. Thank you so much.

Syaefull Rizcky Mayaratama, RizckyRyu

I am grateful for A&C because it helped me gain the trust of clients I needed as a freelance artist. It lets me acquire and stabilize my reputation. That's a pretty big deal for every artist just starting with the art business. This, in turn, helped me get funds to cross 13.000 km to settle down with the love of my life... and live my dream here. Thanks A&C!

Marta Stachowiak, Martith

I am grateful to A&C because it has given me help for one of the cost to live, because I am 19 years old and I am still in college, my parents can barely pay for my tuition forever, therefore I have to add money for college and daily life. And finally I was able to finance half the price of my own college semester. And in the last few months, my brother had a jaw dislocation, and he did not have enough money to go for treatment because of a lack of fees for treatment, and at the time was the end of the month. So I offered to give my money for treatment. And on the birthday of my 16th sister, I can give her a gift of pen tablet, because my sister coincidentally also likes to draw. And now I am saving to finance my home contract. Thank you A&C, you have given me to motivate my own life, to work hard, and this is the first time I feel the tiredness of working though only as a freelancer. But it is a very satisfying experience. Really, Thank you.

Fathur Razaq Azhima, Rathalos123

I am grateful for A&C because it’s very easy and simple to use. I recommend this for all artist. I enjoy using A&C!

Bayu Ryan Santosa, NekoNeko99

I am grateful for A&C because I can find extra income and meet clients in here. This website is also a training ground for professionalism. Thank you A&C!

Age Gumelar, Ageee

I am grateful for A&C because it allowed me to channel clients and make myself known in the world of illustration. I did not know where to start, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to live doing what I love and A&C opened doors for me.

Ybeth Pinto, LadyBeth

I am very grateful to A&C because they are very reliable. The payment system and transfer of artwork is just great!

Alicia Baker, Alicia-the-fangirl

I am grateful for A&C because, this website has been the main way to get my book off the ground. (hopefully dropping by August) I honestly have no good artistic talents and this place has been the utmost helpful in supplying a surplus of concept art, custom covers, as well as others just working with me to develop the design of a character. Aside from that, I also have very much enjoyed the people of this website. They are most always kind and able to help me with figuring out payments, even when I'm short currently. I've suggested this site to countless people and I know that they have said the same things, and I will continue to spread praise and use your services.

Aaron Pawolski, Bakery300

A friend of mine recommended this website, I was tired of meeting bad clients, having to be vigilant that there were no misunderstandings with them. I wanted to have good communication with my newest clients and, above all, to feel safe when I meet a new client. Thanks to Artistnclients I have found that and much more. All have been good experiences and I only have words of thanks to this website! I recommend it for both artists and clients. If you want to feel safe when ordering an artwork, or want to feel safe without fear of a new customer, this is your place.

Sheila Guerrero, Sheisketch

This site is like a haven for people who can't draw but have always wanted an idea or their favorite character in a picture of their dreams. I was looking everywhere for a place to commission artist when I stumbled upon this site. Then, I knew I had found my spot. Now I'm always blowing paychecks.

Dashaun Anthony Rutledge, Rodnii

I am grateful for artistsnclients.com because I struggle with platforms to get my work out there but this website is so easy to use and I am looking forward to using such a safe and well done client system.

Kiersten Tess Parsons, Kierstentess

I am grateful for A&C because they helped me get some clients and pay for my tuition fee. Thank you very much!

Rizky Aulia Akbar, All-A