Free Expression Of The Imagination

by A&C member : LPDARKRENDER

Being an artist is a free expression of the imagination.

In detail, being a 3D artist forces you to analyze the world differently. To be honest, I had no idea when I started to have an interest in 3D art, for sure I know I was pretty young, we talk about Windows 98 and its games.

I had always been fascinated by these virtual worlds, that year by year they were always more close to the real one; this technology will improve every day and it will always be like that. The true challenge for us is to keep that pace and be constantly updated.

The most interesting experience I had was with an Italian magazine: the focus was to mix fashion photos with 3D. It requested weeks of hard work, but the final result was absolutely worth it, something I wouldn't try if it wasn't commissioned!

I knew about A&C thanks to my colleagues. The thing I love is the freedom and the security that brings for both artists and clients.