My Imaginary Ikemen Friend

by A&C member : LNT_GALLERY

Back when I was a teenager, I thought I didn't have any friends. They think I'm weird.

I also usually live alone at home, since my parents were laid off and had to work in a far away village to farm. Don't get me wrong, my parents didn't leave me, they really love me. That's why they have to work hard to fulfill my life needs. They will come home once in a while to check on my condition. My only sister, too, must go to continue her studies in a bigger city.

Sometimes I get scared at night alone at home, I feel so lonely. Then one day, after crying in my prayers. He suddenly appears, a teenager at my age with white skin and blonde hair with a handsome face.

"What's your name?" I asked.

He didn't answer just smiled at me.

I know he might be just my imagination. But since he's here, I don't feel lonely anymore. I keep drawing about him. I want to show the world that he is my friend! When I draw his handsome figure I feel happy. Even when the lights go out, instead will go straight to sleep and hide under the blanket like I usually do, suddenly became more brave and feel calm and comfortable when drawing just alone under the candlelight.

Since then, I have loved to draw Ikemen. I am happy to help people realize their imagination, especially by drawing Ikemen which can really make people feel flutter and blood flows warm just by looking at it . Exactly like the feeling I felt when I drew him my imaginary friend.

You know him now as Eyden, my original character who has blonde hair and golden eyes. Some of his picture is the most sampled on my commission page.

Thank you Art and Clients for let me and my dearest OC being noticed by world.