About us
A&C helps artists and clients manage their commissions



Four people

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- Please allow at least 24 hours for us to process any support emails.

Artists&Clients is an art commissions marketplace with the goal and tools to make work simple and straightforward for both artists and clients.

Both parties struggle with makedo solutions and the hassle that comes with them, like eternal e-mail exchanges, payment issues, file sharing, and the inability to simply browse.

We provide all the tools to solve these problems. Extensive browsing and filtering, commissions slot management, conversations and jobs, file sharing — we make it easy.

About us

  • Support Team

  • We have a support team operating behind the scenes to improve your experience. We handle everything from commission slot management to payment processing.

  • Engineering Team

  • To benefit our community, our engineering team figures out new features to implement. For instance, we recently implement credit card processing. Now, clients can pay via Paypal or Credit Card. We also try to iron out and bugs on the website.