Analyze and Discover

by A&C member : NONKANONSAN

When I first started out opening art commissions back in 2018, I was excited setting up my commission sheet. The idea of getting clients and having to draw their characters and bring them to life seems so fun! Imagine making a living by doing the thing you love, very realistic eh? Lucky enough for the skeptics around me, the excitement immediately dropped when I put out my commission sheet info out to the internet no one batted an eye. It was like shouting to an empty void. I posted on various websites including this, but every attempt comes with failure. Soon after, I lost my zeal. The hope that I'd be able to work full-time in art is gone. I focused my attention on completing my degree instead.

But believe when I see there's always a solution to every challenge. Even if there's currently none, we can always make one. Two years later, the pandemic happened and used the opportunity to try again. I made a new account and uploaded my work. I sent a whisper to every single client that I could find on this site. If we count how much, I don't think we'll ever finish Plus, most of them rejected me and that's okay! But we gotta` know why it didn't work and why the others did. My first mistake was that I ignored analyzing what actually works. No matter how many messages and posts I send to various sites, if it isn't going to produce wanted results then all time spent will be for nothing.

Fast forward to today, I'm still in the analyzing phase. I'm still working out what works and what doesn't. Along the way, I learned a lot and even discovered stuff I couldn't imagine I would be able to do! And even if I do finally find out what works and become successfully big one day (which I hope we all will someday), I know I'd still discover new ways to learn and improve :)