Comic/manga panels

This is a commission slot. You can hire OneXArt to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 10.00 base price
  • 5 Days estimated turnaround time
  • 10 / 10 available
Comic/manga panels
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

OneXArt describes this slot:

$16 per COMPLEX panel with 1 or 2 characters, a background and sound efx.

Maximum 12 complex panels: $192


Panel options: black and white, flat color, full color, background, no background, complex, simple, chibi, feminine, muscular, and more!

Private Commissions:
• Will not be posted on my social media and full ownership: +$20-$$


Puuchie writes:

This is the second time for me to work with OneXArt and once more I am absolutely amazed by her work. The art had been completed within an incredible short amount of time and daily updates|contact are making it super easy to have a pleasant progress. I will for sure commission this artist again at a time given and I highly recommend people to do so as well!

Puuchie writes:

It is not only important to point out that this one is a great artist, but also that the person behind the work is a lovely character one can definietly enjoy working with. OneXArt got a great sense for character building and the little details. It started with a few bits of information from my side and turned into a great piece that I`d for sure call 'perfection'`. It was the first commission for me and I made a great choice with entrusting the creation of my character to this artist and I highly recommend to others to try as well. Don't feel intimidated by the price, because you will quickly learn that every cent is well invested. I got daily updates and the whole thing was finished within such a short amount of time, I am still out of words. 10/10. Give this great artist a chance. She deserves it!

APM writes:

Great style and will work with you along the entire process. You'll get everything you want/need

Onabu writes:

First of all amazing artwork. Absolutely loving it. The artist took every information i gave and imbedded it into the picture with also giving ideas of himself into consideration. Fast response and continuous updates made this commision a real blast. Changes we're easily and well made. very polite too. I have the feeling i should add something negative... but i really cant think of anything. Fast, polite, amazing work and (in my opinion) a very low price for such great art. Will definitly commission again at some point.

NeaStar writes:

OneXArt is really great to work with and highly flexible! She does a really good job at getting a feel of the character and then translating that to the canvas. The combination of her art style with anime really creates a unique style that sets it apart from typical anime art. Definitely worth it, and quick turn around time. Also keeps you in the loop.

Nareese writes:


Commission artist
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