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Hi, aI m an digipaint illustator with the realistic specialist.

How to work with me?

I am Sasmi, I am a hard worker, friendly, flexible, patient, calm, accepting opinions, ideas, and ready to accept your requests.

For me, my client is my friend, so I am a your friend, I really like to talk, I will be very good if you are good to me, I am an easy going person.

Do you want a realistict detail art with no expensive price, free extra revision. Messege and commiss me. Get the bonus for the lucky one :D.

  • Work estiminate deppend on the number of queue, if i don't have many of commission queue, usually i can finish it beetween 3-10 days (normal).

  • Bonus is not permanent slot, it Will dissapear for the limit slot, and bonus Will be progress each after 3/5 commissions done.

New Rules:

Hello. Thank u for coming here and commiss me, ill try my best to give u the best result and make u happy ^^. Before that i have my own service and rules too for my lovely client <3.

  • I have realistic/ semi realism style, but i'll always fit with your request as you want, of u want asking about any different type request to me, please message me first :).

  • Because the realistic artwork have more long estiminate time and more complicated for detail, so please be patient.

  • Normally i can finish 1 commission each 3-5 days for simple (example buat) realistic illustration, but sometimes i have any/ many queue commissions request that enter, so please be patient, if this in long queue, usually ill give u sketch concept first max: 1 week before u paid, and after paid progress ill start to continue in painting progress in 5 days after that, but once again because i must doing double commissions each working, so please monitoring or active your commissions request each 5 days in month. I will count the enter commissions request in month, so all Will be finish max: for month, min: 3 days for commissions result.

*Bonus will be progress after commission done and in "complete paid status". And it Will be progress start 1 week after commission done. Please be patient because i work for another bonus too.

  • Bonus is not permanent, it will be dissapear in time that i give, so happy shopping while its still any slots :).

  • All price will be raise in time. Time by time.

Thanks for read my rule, i hope u understand and please if u have any short deadline, tell me first and please book it for before. Love u all!




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Top Positive Review

Amazing artist! Super friendly, kept me updated throughout, their art style is so unique and the finished product was gorgeous! Will definitely be commissioning them again. I loved seeing them bring my OC to life. 100/100! I can't speak highly enough.

Shasmy is a very talented and friendly artist who kept me informed on the illustration process with regularity. I have to admit, the result left me speechless... If you like realist character illustration, Shasmy is a must!

Great artist, amazing quality of work. Took a bit longer than expected because of holidays and such but Shasmy kept me updated throughout with progress pictures etc. Highly recommended.

Incredible work, very communicative and quick. I'll definitely be coming back to commission them again!!! ?

Beautifully done and magnificent attention to detail. I would commission them again!

Top Critical Review

No Critical Review.
  • BUY 1 GET 1 Realistic Chara Waist-groin
    BUY 1 GET 1 Realistic Chara Waist-groin
  • Color Bust Realistic Detail
    Color Bust Realistic Detail
  • Not Safe For Work Hover to show Black&white Comic Full Tone
    Black&white Comic Full Tone
  • BUY 1 GET 1 Realistic Bust-Waist
    BUY 1 GET 1 Realistic Bust-Waist
  • BUY 1 GET 1 Colored Full Body
    BUY 1 GET 1 Colored Full Body
    Sold out 5
  • Fanart Realisticdigi Waist
    Fanart Realisticdigi Waist