Colored half body
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Colored half body

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Half body drawing

-It comes with a simple background like in the example. If you wish to have a transparent background just tell me.

-If you want me to send you a sketch before the final let me know

-Also please link me a reference pic

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 4 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 10 2019

Gorgeous artwork, as expected! I got something for a friend and it's adorable! :3


October 08 2019

This is my fourth time commissioning Fergu, and honestly, I'm incredibly enthused. Fergu has continuously provided timely and friendly service, which goes a long way. The commissions themselves are quick and adorable, and I love them to bits. I recommend Fergu wholeheartedly, the price is definitely worth the product! If you're at all hesitant about commissioning - don't be!


September 30 2019

Incredible work! Worked with me every step of the way and made sure everything made sense. Wonderful experience!


September 25 2019

Extremely fast and quality work. Don't hesitate to commission.


June 24 2019

Amazing, fast work!


January 20 2019

Beautiful and fast work!


January 05 2019

Fergu is awesome!


October 30 2018

Super cute and charming artwork! Absolutely Adorable. 10/10 Would commission again.


October 18 2018

Good work


October 11 2018

Beautiful Cute Art Thank You so Much!!! God Blessed chu with the power of art skills xd

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