BOGO Fullbody Flat
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BOGO Fullbody Flat

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Buy one Get one Flat colored fullbodies, WILL take written descriptions, ill send you a sketch to ok before i finish. Please no complex armor or poses, No props (unless its super simple), and no complex effects!

NSFW is also an option.

Listen looking for a job is hard I just need money for basic things yall.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 13 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 17 2020

Fantastic and communicative. Lovely style and I'm super pleased with the outcome.


April 06 2020

Always love working with this artist!


March 27 2020

Sevyc is an absolute pleasure to work with. They deliver a great product, with wonderful communication throughout the process. Highly recommended!


March 20 2020

Absolutely lovely, willing to work with me, and went above and beyond even though they didn't need to. Highly recommend!


March 03 2020

Can't praise enough! -Excellent work -Very kind and responsive -Done waaaay faster than estimated time. Thank you!


February 17 2020

Adorable art style, would commission again.


February 17 2020

Very wonderful to work with, great and fun attitude, and very quick!


January 22 2020

I couldn't even tell you how many times I've commissioned Sevyc at this point, but every single one has turned out lovely! They are one of my go-to artists for everything. (:


January 17 2020

Absolutely amazing to work with. Very quick with responses!


January 10 2020

Sevyc was just as kind and easy to work with as ever! They were ever patient with my nickpickings and delivered a final product that I couldn't be happier with!

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