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Sevyc Sevyc ☆

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General information:

  • United States
  • Verified e-mail address
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☆ Sevyc | 19 | Hobbyist Artist ☆

what's up call me sevyc or skoot and i draw things for money. i use the money for gas and payin back student loans. i also have a ko.fi, link here.

all of my slots have the option of having a speedpaint done for your piece, it'll be an extra $5-$10 depending on the work

Commission slots:

  • Cell Shaded Full Body
    Cell Shaded Full Body
  • Lined Half
    Lined Half
  • Pixel Icon
    Pixel Icon
  • Head Cell
    Head Cell
  • Lineless Headshot
    Lineless Headshot
  • Painted Portrait
    Painted Portrait