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Hello! Welcome to my profile, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Siame, I'm a self-taught digital artist currently living in the USA. I've been drawing and creating characters for as long as I can remember, I've always had a pen or pencil in my hand and a dozen sketches scattered around me. My parents used to say I was coloring before I could walk. Creativity is my passion, I love drawing, sculpting, designing and even writing. Nothing makes me happier than to let my imagination run wild.

I wont bore you with my life-story here, but I will point out that most of my work tends to be Character art for Games like Warcraft, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons etc. mainly because the reason I got into drawing semi-realistic pictures is because I really wanted to bring my own characters to life and show people what they looked like in my mind rather than just the pixels on screen. I expanded out to drawing characters for other people as commissions in March 2019 and haven't looked back since, I have loved working with everyone and look forward to continuing to do so in future!


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