Semi realistic Character Illustration
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Semi realistic Character Illustration

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This category is characterized by containing a character with a simple background (one more elaborated will suppose an additional price)

The rate may vary depending on whether it is a headshot, half body, or full body; as well as adding an extra character or very laborious.

The illustration will be made with a standard resolution of 60ppp - 360ppp (depending on whether the client will only keep it in digital format, or if it is required for printing, the latter is clearly the responsibility of the client).
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P.S.: Delivery time may vary depending on the artwork, and may be more or less days than shown in the category.

P.S. 2.: Once the work appears as "paid", we will start working.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 27 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 12 2020

Wonderful insight and wonderful work, got a sketch within much less time than I've had from other commissions and the finished piece ended up looking great! The artist has many unique touches that I never thought of, but helped add to the finished product immensely.


May 09 2020

Absolutely amazing artwork, super fast and kept me updated throughout the process! In love with the finished illustration!


April 22 2020

Beautiful illustrations!


April 15 2020

Good guy, kept me updated through the process and did everything that was asked of'em!


February 24 2020

a delightful person to work with!


February 21 2020

Just a fantastic artist to deal with; very talented and communicative. Will be commissioning again.


February 08 2020

Fast, communicative, and wonderful work! <3


February 02 2020

Fast and on point!


January 18 2020

When I initially approached the artist (artists?) regarding a commission for a book cover, I didn't really have much of an idea of exactly what I wanted, only that it was probably going to be a little more complex than the picture in the sample. They were very patient and very responsive to messages, providing me with quotes. This made it a lot easier to plan out what I wanted. Throughout the process the artist was highly receptive to changes and ideas and very happy to make small tweaks to the design. In terms of artwork, the style is very beautiful and has nice detail without looking cluttered. If you are looking for a piece with nice scenery in it, the artist produces very beautiful scenery. I commissioned a piece set in the desert and the swirling sand effect was amazing. The artist really pays attention to references and colour palettes and although there was a little bit of interpretation on a few bits, that was on me rather than the artist. The character the artist drew for me also looks great, and whilst I only commissioned one character, I can tell that the artist is able to create faces that look unique and different from one another. A brilliant artist with beautiful work, and very good value! I really recommend them and will definitely be coming back for more!


November 29 2019

Amazingly talented and very responsive! 10/10!

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