Waist up colored illustration

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  • $ 24.00 base price
  • 1 week estimated turnaround
  • Currently Unavailable
Waist up colored illustration
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

yousachi describes this slot:

Please read my terms first before commission me!


  • not colored: 24 USD/character

  • colored: 36 USD/character


File size: B5 (default) or ask

File type: .JPG (default), .PNG

Resolution: 300 dpi (default), 350 dpi, or 600 dpi

Background: No background

Default: No background, B5 sized, 300 dpi, and .JPG


AdamKara writes:

Fast respond as always

Satanchan writes:

Was fast & easy to work with! This was my first ever commission so I had no idea how any of this worked lol. But totally recommend!

strawberrymilk writes:

Quick response time and a pleasure to work with! I will definitely commission again in the future if I get to

Galoo writes:

Artist did quality work for a steal! Would recommend!

BunnyCat writes:

A great artist to work with, fast reply, very responsive and open to feedback. I'm very happy about the art I've ordered.

MayuiQT writes:

Great experience and very good with communication. Absolute pleasure to commission as per usual

ddlzlive writes:

Fantastic! Was very quick, and they did an amazing job!

AdamKara writes:

Fast respond, done super quick, and the result is awesome as always. Would hire again.

Backair writes:


BeddyTimes writes:

Fantastic line work and coloring. Was done super quick

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