Roselle Efendy

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Im just a local artist who loved to drawing in anime style / otome game style.
My forte is drawing an ikemen.
You can call me lle or rose. It's up to you ^^.
Saturday and sunday is day off.
Feel free to ask.

nb: i have a new freelance job making illustration for a game, so if you want to order me some commission it will take longer time to finish it than before. i'm sorry, but i will do my best to finish them

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The artist works really fast! The artist is friendly and always up for discussion. The end result was beautiful. Totally gonna commish them again in the future. Recommended > v <

A very nice and kind artist to work with. They work really fast and keep you up to date with their work in progress! I am happy with the result of my commission and surely will come back in the near future. I really recommend commissioning them! <3

The second time I commissioned this artist and once again they did a very great job ? I really recommend to check them out and commission them. They are kind and have a really fast turn around, besides it's really worth your money ?

No feedback provided.

Very accommodating of changes and a nice person to communicate with! Would highly recommend.

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  • Headshot-Colored sketch
    Headshot-Colored sketch
  • Headshot - fullcolor
    Headshot - fullcolor
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  • Colored halfbody- simple background
    Colored halfbody- simple background
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  • Colored half body - gradient background
    Colored half body - gradient background
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  • Waist up - bookmark
    Waist up - bookmark
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  • Chibi simple
    Chibi simple
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