Ines Pramesti

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  • Indonesia
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Ines・ 25・ Animator・Digital Artist

Tools: Wacom Intuos Pro small
Software: Clip Studio Paint EX

My name is Ines Pramesti or Yousachi. I've been drawing digitally for 11 years now. I'm easy to adapt in many styles.

I usually off when weekends

Please read my terms first because

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Top Positive Review

Amazing artist! Very quick and have a cute art. Highly recommended!

Really great experience! Worked fast and created a really really stunning and dynamic piece of artwork. I couldn't be more happy.

Polite and nice artist. Very fast! I loved the results <3 Very cute drawing style :D :D

Great overall! The artist was really friendly, responded fast and made grade art compared to the price.

Wonderful job!

Top Critical Review

No Critical Review.
  • Halfbody colored
    Halfbody colored
    Halfbody colored
    Closed 5
  • Not Safe For Work Hover to show Dakimakura (Front Cover Only)
    Dakimakura (Front Cover Only)
    Closed 5
  • colored headshot anime
    colored headshot anime
    colored headshot anime
    Closed 4
  • Persona 5 headshot style
    Persona 5 headshot style
    Persona 5 headshot style
    Closed 4
  • Chibi Headshot
    Chibi Headshot
    Chibi Headshot
    Closed 2
  • B&W Mint Style
    B&W Mint Style
    B&W Mint Style
    Closed 2