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Sorry if I work slow, I have to maintain my health T_T

(Feel free to message me to save a slot or ask for updates! I'll reply in less than 1-2 days)

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I'm a freelance Illustrator who loves playing games and hopefully in the future can make my own webcomic and game :D

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Top Positive Review

Gorgeous piece, artist was very receptive to feedback and kept me in the loop. Thank you so much!

Amazing as always, thank you so much!

Great job as always, really receptive with feedback and was willing to help with some post-finished adjustments when I realized things after the fact. Thank you so so much!

Amazing work and fast with replies! I recommend!

Katzeko was able to capture the essence of what I envisioned in stunning detail, all in the span of a week. A talented artist with a genuine care for her customers. Wholeheatedly recommend

Top Critical Review

I would like to say that I was satisfied, but I cannot. I would like for future clients to understand precisely what has happened in my case, so that you can be very, very clear with the artist so that you do not receive something that does not resemble what you have commissioned. I had several severe misgivings that were essential to be there in the final product, that were not addressed. I had a character commission with a weapon that was absolutely essential to get correct, and to be fully included in my commission. This was extremely necessary, and was essential to commemorate what was a very, very happy moment for me. The weapon was not faithfully recreated with its full effect, as I had sent at least 20 different reference photos to the artist specifically pointing out to pay close attention to the details. The final product did not have the full weapon, it was cut in half by the edge of the photo. Secondly, the background. Quite possibly the biggest concern I had, I had sent three photos of the background as to what I wanted included. I had pointed this out when I received the sketch, and did not see the background represented at all. I was very clear that I wanted the background that I had sent. Had I received a second, updated sketch I would have been able to point this out for the second time. I did not. If I am paying for an artwork, I expect sketch updates until my concerns as a client have been addressed, at least the major misgivings. This was not done. I received ONE sketch, and then the FINAL product without my consent as to approving the sketch. On many commission sites, they explicitly list approval of the sketch to happen BEFORE work is done on the image. I have never, ever seen differently. So, what I have now is a commission that is not what I commissioned. The weapon is hardly included, which was to be a mainstay of the picture, and the background is literally not what I had asked for. It was assumed that I wanted the background from one of my reference photos. This is a serious, and grave mistake for someone who is paying for a product. This is not even getting to the actual character. I had misgivings about the face, and had stated that I thought the face was a bit off. The final product looks as though no changes were made to the face whatsoever. And so I want to make it very clear to those seeking a commission from this artist: I think the art style is really nice. I like the watercolor, painted, portrait style. However, you MUST be very clear and be adamant on seeing and approving the sketch before the final work is put together. Had I thought to do this, I would have seen after a second sketch that the commission simply was not going to be to my liking, and could have canceled the order before it was finished. I now felt, as though since the commission was "finished" technically, that I was obligated to pay for it, since the work had been put into it. Please be very clear with the artist, multiple times, on what exactly you want. Be specific and be sure that both you, and the artist understand and have no confusion as to what is to be drawn. Thank you.

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    Colored Halfbody
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