Colored Halfbody
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Colored Halfbody

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I'm taking Halfbody colored commissions with simple background.

Just send me references and anything else you'd want me to add (such as preferred colors, accessories, or any item you'd want to add on the background)

*the sample art is commissioned by Minreva :3

Drawing process: I'll send you a sketch first. If there are no major changes, I'll send fully colored and detailed drawing next. No limit on fixes and revisions even after the drawing's done, so feel free to ask ^^

if you're not satisfied with the result, please confirm with me if you want to cancel the job or fix it. I never ask to mark the job as completed, except if my client already approves the result ^^

Thank you!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 78 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 03 2020

It took a while, but it was all communicated before, and was really worth the wait! An artist to keep an eye out for, when possible.


June 28 2020

It was amazing working with you, and i love the way you work! You're very responsive and detailed, and make sure that the person gets exactly what they want! I've actually recommended you several times to friends and will in the future for future commisions!


June 26 2020

Katzeko's art is amazing! Such a lovely artist to work with, I highly reccomend this extremely kind and generous person!


June 20 2020

Stunning and gorgeous sketch! Katzeko is extremely talented and like many people, I came from the herd of Massivecraft folks. She is so so good at what she does, I highly reccomend!


June 18 2020

Amazing art and super kind artist! *chefs kiss*


June 17 2020

Absolutely brilliant. I provided a plethora of references and a brief description of the vibe my characters gave off and she absolutely nailed it!!


June 03 2020

I don't think I can put it into words how amazing this artist is. They put a great effort into detail, even minor ones that you can only see if you really zoom in. In addition to this, they're amazing at getting exactly what you want, and are willing to do as many revisions as possible to assure such happens! If you want a highly detailed piece at an affordable price with an absolute delight to work with artist, go with Katzeko.


May 26 2020

A really really job well done, captured my character in the first go.


May 25 2020

The artist is perfect and demonstrates great attention to detail. She is very easy to work with and I recommend her to anyone out there.


May 23 2020

Excellent work and fantastic artist to work with :D

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