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Hiya! I'm just a chick from Romania who enjoys writing, RP'ing and playing games. My current obsession is Final Fantasy 14, where I roleplay my original character, Sybelle Cassalantar @Balmung, Crystal (NA).

I write but can't draw, so I appreciate all the people that can do it! Don't be afraid to create and let your ideas come to life with the skills you have! Insist, improve and inspire! You are wonderful and I believe in you. <3

I've made imgur albums of all the art I've commissioned or received as a gift. All artists are credited as per their wishes, please check them out!

SFW Album: https://imgur.com/a/QdOOPpN
NSFW (!Nudity/Graphic/Gore Warning!) Album: https://imgur.com/a/TRVHBzg

Always happy to have my character drawn and support someone's hobby/passion. I love it when artists exercise their creative license, so if you'd enjoy drawing my character, send me a message and we can talk it out!

I have social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr) but I'm not very active on those, if you are interested getting in touch, PM me for Discord - it's where I'm on 24/7.


Kraujas writes:

Lovely client! The drawing they requested was really fun as well they where on point with the references. :3

TunaTeluna writes:

Amazing to work with, knows exactly what they want! Along with having gorgeous characters >v>

Silvaart writes:

LuzDelSol writes:

Excellent client! very kind and communicative!