Semirealistic halfbody Colour
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Semirealistic halfbody Colour

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Colour Semirealistic halfbody

simple background


humanoids, nekomimis ect
boys, girls and in between
any color combination


gore, hard gore, nudity, porn/soft porn
characters from games/manga&anime/books

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


September 13 2020

Always a shining gem. I've come to Takeru numerous times for art and every single piece I've received has been outstandingly beautiful, and it always has me eagerly awaiting to return again for another. If you love an artist kind and attentive to, you can find such here. Thank you again for another beautiful work of art. <3


July 05 2020

Fantastic artist! Quick and extremely efficient! My character tuened out better than i could have expected ;o;


May 25 2020

Takeru is always a gem to work with, time and time again. I'll continue to come back for a commission whenever possible. <3


May 23 2020

an absolute joy to work with; they'll give you a piece that will absolutely wow you. i really recommend them!


December 05 2019

I came back again because Takeru's art is beautiful and they're honestly a very sweet artist to commission. Thank you so much for another wonderful piece I can cherish. <3


May 06 2019

Really a hidden gem. Great style, super fast, he got my comission done within a day. Super nice, overall just a wonderful experience.


February 23 2019

My first round commissioning Takeru and I'll definitely be coming back. If you're like me and enjoy unique styles and friendly artists, this is definitely one's for you!


February 17 2019

My second round commissioning TakeruNyan and again I was just blown away by their work. I truly love their style and color work so very much. They're pleasant to work with in every aspect. Thank you so much once more for your time and talent. <3


December 28 2018

TakeruNyan is absolutely lovely to work with. Their art is beautiful and well worth every cent. They were kind, asked questions ahead about the reference just to double check what I was asking for, and then simply blew me away in the result. Thank you again for this amazing piece of art. I'll certainly be coming back for another commission in the future. <3

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