Portrait Sketch - Weekends Only
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Portrait Sketch - Weekends Only

Weekend slot! I will begin work on these drawings Saturday and Sunday PST times.

A monochromatic sketch of your character or fanart. Pick a color or let me choose!

Also running on my Ko-Fi.

Hand poses may cost extra.

Filling out this form is not necessary but may speed up the process:

References: (Screenshots, photos, drawings, anything is ok! Just make sure the lighting is good).
Character Name:
Character personality:
Pose preference: (If none, I will use personality)
Color: (If none, I'll pick. You CAN change the color after the fact so don't worry!)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 03 2019

Sephirah is an extremely talented and kind artist. They made me smile even before the art was shown to me and I smiled even wider once I got the finished piece. For sure recommend. =]


March 31 2019

An absolute delight to work with. Very friendly, and accommodating of revisions.Heartily recommended.


March 26 2019

Lovely person and very helpful! Got consistent updates and chances to provide feedback. End product was absolutely wonderful. Absolutely recommended.


February 26 2019

Simply amazing artwork, I would recommend this artist to everyone. Very easy to work with, and excellent results!


February 02 2019

Miss Sephirah did an excellent job with her portrayal of my character. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for art work.


January 24 2019

A really great person to talk to / work with, and amazing results, what's not to like!?


December 06 2018

Amazing picture, artist is amazing too will work with you through everything!


October 25 2018

The picture was nice and lewd. I would definitely get one again.


June 17 2018

Wonderful to work with and very positive. They're very easy to talk to and the work was really well done.

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