YCH Couple

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  • $ 35.00 base price
  • 1-3 weeks estimated turnaround
  • 15 / 15 available
YCH Couple
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 62 clients thus far.

Loveedreams describes this slot:

YCH Couples


"YCH" mean: "Your character here". Is a type of commission using poses I already made ^^

When request this commission, please provide the following info:

1) Number of the pose you like to use.
2) Send all the information about your characters (image references, and a little description about their personalities)
3) Do you want the eyes to be opened? Closed?
4) Which character will be on the left and which one on the right side.
5) The name of the characters to add it <3.

- For change the flowers/flag will be +5/10 usd.

- For private commission : 35% more.

- Prices only for personal use.


  • Your characters must fix the body of the model.
  • It will be draw and color in the style of the example.
  • The background will be only the flowers, as the example show. (You can ask for small modification on this with extra cost: +5/10 usd)
  • You can't ask for modify the poses.

- You will receive a version with and without background (this mean: with and without the flowers. The version without the flowers will have transparent background ^^) <3.

I Accept:

  • Boys or girls.
  • Hetero, Yaoi or Yuri.
  • Original Characters. No fanart.
  • Kemonomimi. Angel/Demons.
  • Ecchi.

I Don't Accept:

  • Gore.
  • Mecha.
  • Hentai.
  • Themes I don’t feel confortable with.

(Feel free to consult for themes that are not listed here, this is just a guide ^^)

>If you have any doubt feel free to send me a message :)!

When you commission me, you are accepting my TERMS OF SERVICE.

I’m fighting to live with my art, so I’m VERY GRATEFULL
with your support and kindness T//T!

I value every commission and I promise to work hard! >w<9

Feel free to write me whenever you need ^^!
And thank youu, thank youuu very much!! >///<


IzzyQT writes:

kind, patient, talented, best around.

GreenTea writes:

I always love getting work done by loveedreams. She is an incredibly kind artist who is always willing to work with you to make sure the art is exactly what you envisioned. Her eye for detail is amazing too! I will definitely be commissioning her again in the future and will always recommend her. :)

YuuiSama writes:

Amazing to work with. Great attention to details. High in demand so prepare to wait~

Mikomimii writes:

Absolutely beautiful art- commission came out just as shown if not better. Definitely would commission again!

Satsukachan writes:

beautiful work and very fast and nice to work with. art came out even better than i imagined!

mahoushoujous writes:

lovely artwork, perfect!! qwq<333

aspintacular writes:

Such a kind, talented artist! So happy with my commission and with the communication from the artist! Thank you again!!

Benvenu7 writes:

A great artist who is very great at listening and working on any projects. Definitely going to be going back for more commissions.

kingyandere writes:

Amazing work and done in a timely manner! A lot of communication and WIPs were sent back and forth to make sure I got the results that I wanted. 10/10 would recommend! Artist is a total sweetheart too!

MiaAyana writes:

does beautiful work and the artist has been so kind and great to work with. give them lots of love :)

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