Monochrome Manga Sketch Waist Up [Single]

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  • $ 17.50 base price
  • 2-3 day estimated turnaround
  • 1 / 2 available
Monochrome Manga Sketch Waist Up [Single]
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 13 clients thus far.

luiilafete describes this slot:


  • Updating term, I'll send you the sketch till OK, move the job to paid in 3 day max then I'll progressing the job!


  • GM_Loremaster (didn't paid the done commission and disappear)

Extra Information

  • I will decide if your character is simple or detail enough. Any kind of armor and weapon will be considered as detail.
  • price is different if you would like to have full body or couple
  • no background for this commission
  • further information please PM, don't click any order if you're not sure! Any cancellation before you have a chat with me considered as scam and your name will be blacklisted!
  • estimated turnaround will depends on previous WIP commission, how busy I am, and how fast your reply is



Zazlak writes:

Amazing artist. Truly the best I have commissioned from

Cyber-Spinosaur writes:

I'm absolutely thrilled with the design and artist, she was so patient, polite and helpful, and the drawing is just incredible! An absolute pleasure to work with

Annekawrites writes:

I can’t even remember the amount of times I’ve returned to this artist 5? 6? I’ve lost count! Delivers such amazing quality work every time and I always cannot wait to return. Such a lovely person and fast worker! And so so talented !

Annekawrites writes:

I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve returned to this artist! She is so polite, so professional and it’s always what I want. Thank you!!!

BCMakoto writes:

I am very satisfied with the final result! The communication was flawless, corrections were added within hours of the reply and the final product exceeds my expectations by far! A very positive experience! :)

Annekawrites writes:

Such a pleasure to work with every time I come back. Fast, friendly and amazingly talented! Couldn’t ask for more :)

Foskel writes:

Amazing artist

Foskel writes:

Amazing artist

Yoake_Dazkar writes:

Absolutely fantastic art and a pleasure to work with!

Foskel writes:


Commission artist
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