Character Illustration (+expression set)
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Character Illustration (+expression set)

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One character with 1/2, 3/4, or FULL BODY (Please inform me in first place) in HD 300 dpi picture

Also Suitable for Games CG, Light Novels, Visual Novels, etc

FLAT Price $ 40 for 1/2 Body

FLAT Price $ 48 for 3/4 Body

FLAT Price $ 56 for Full-Body

Additional Character will starting from $ 20, $ 25, and $ 30 respectively for body-type

Additional Effects (like example pics) will cost $ 3, and up to $ 8 depends on details and difficulties

Additional Detailed Background will cost :

$ 7 (Less-perspective ex. outdoor / nature with simple buildings)

$ 12 (something in-between, ex. inside building / simple buildings)

$ 17 (More Detailed-perspective ex. cities)

I Accept / Do :

  • Original Character
  • Fanart
  • Ecchi / Mild
  • Bloods
  • Multiple Characters (Including the expressions-set)
  • Free correction process

And also

  • You can add $ 9 for a set of 12 Character Facial Expressions
  • Default expressions are as shown, but custom expressions are also fine (please provide information or model about it)
  • Default size 700 x 700 for each expression (when done, it'll be in different folder with main files)

Please read my Terms of Services before asking for Commission

Feel free to ask me for more information

Please follow these format when ordering commissions from me

  • A 1/2 Body, 3/4 Body, or Full-body Character. And with +Additional 12 Facial expressions set or not

  • Image or overall character / person references (If no image available then you can explain the specification)

  • Specific pose and / or expression request if available

  • Preference for the Background (Detailed Background, Simple Colored, Dark, White / Transparent)

  • The type of the canvas (Square, Portrait, or Landscape) preference if you want.

(You can also ask commission directly to my email)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 4 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 26 2019

Very quick to reply, quality of finished product was beyond expectation. 10/10


July 03 2019

Very kind and wonderful to work with.


June 21 2019

great work


May 22 2019

Would commission this artist again, they have done a spectacular job and paid attention to detail. Thank you once again. <3


May 10 2019

Artist was very communicative and made sure I was satisfied, would hire again!


May 07 2019

Adorable chibi art~


April 21 2019

Amazing work! Definitely commissioning this artist again!!! ????


April 14 2019

Artist was extremely nice and always responded within a few days


April 05 2019



February 19 2019

artist was very responsive and I am satisfied with the end product

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