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Hello! I'm Luii Lafete! Your professional artist and ready to work with you, together we could create an amazing piece of art! I work as a line art artist for Japanese web comics.
My work used by Hatsune Miku in Japan, the most famous virtual Diva in the world! You could check my Piapro for my adopted works!
I sincerely offer you high quality art with professional standard, fair price and work timing.

My online hour: 10 AM - 10 PM (GMT +7) every day<< I will try to reply max 2 hours in the online hour


  • Please messages me first before place the order!
  • Commission for NFT are now available but still you need to PM first to discuss it honestly.
  • Dear my lovely customer, I appreciate you so much to support me to this point, if you feel I am underpaid please feel free to fill the tip section and if you don't have much money also fine to not giving me any tip, as long as you're happy with the result and credited me as the artist. You're already help me to make people aware that I am exist. My art was made as affordable as I could and don't worry, I have other projects to support my daily life. Just help me to get the awareness so people could reach me if they need, OK? :D

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  • GM_Loremaster (didn't paid the done commission and disappear)


  • Cute Chibi Icon Full Body
  • Half Body Manga Style Illustration
    Closed 16
  • Full Illustration Anime Style Wallpaper
    Closed 9
  • Single Character Anime Style Fullbody
    Closed 7
  • Anime Nouveau Style Icon & Wallpaper
    Closed 4
  • Fast Half Body Anime Style Sketch
    Closed 4

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