Chibi Art-style!

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  • $ 12.50 base price
  • 1-7 Days estimated turnaround
  • 5 / 5 available
Chibi Art-style!
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 17 clients thus far.

celestial_commander describes this slot:

i'm sorry, in the meantime i'll unofficially closed this commission type (means i wont accepting new ones), but i'll still working for already requested ones. Thank you

Feel free to message / whisper me if you have questions

(For the commissions ordered before 22 june it'll still applies old price)


One Character, with added effects, and either transparent or simple background

Half Body $ 12.5 FLAT (Additional Character will cost $ 7.5)

Full Body $ 16 FLAT (Additional Character will cost $ 9)

Additional Detailed-specific Background will cost $ 3 (Less-Perspective ex nature) - $ 5 (Something in between, like inside room / building) - $ 7 (More Detailed-Perspective ex cities

  • Can be either Half or Full Body artwork (Depends on your choice)
  • Can be either Single or Multiple Character (also available with one-half one-fullbody option in one pic)
  • Background optional (No Background, Transparent, Simple, Detailed-specific Background)
  • Size up to 2000 pixel with 300 dpi
  • Can be either Fanart or Original
  • Free correction process, i'll also asking about this from time to time

Please follow these format when ordering commissions from me

  • Overall description of the character / person you want me to draw

  • Image or references of the character / person (If no image available then you can tell me the detailed specification)

  • Specific pose and expression you wanted (You may also leave it to me or else we discuss it together)

  • Preference for the Background (Detailed Background, Simple Colored, White, Transparent)

  • The type of the canvas (Square, Portrait, or Landscape) Otherwise I'll choose the canvas orientation myself.

Thank You


Ssolus writes:

great work

allimarie writes:

Would commission this artist again, they have done a spectacular job and paid attention to detail. Thank you once again. <3

dudeazombie writes:

Artist was very communicative and made sure I was satisfied, would hire again!

Solo6066 writes:

Adorable chibi art~

catrono writes:

Amazing work! Definitely commissioning this artist again!!! ????

Sharcade writes:

Artist was extremely nice and always responded within a few days

Springtile writes:


commiepanda writes:

artist was very responsive and I am satisfied with the end product

Cyphorian writes:

Fantastic work! Their art is super cute and the expressions they add are super nice and add a lot to the overall piece! ?

KittenCatten writes:

Really cute artwork.

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