Double Portrait

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  • max 2 weeks estimated turnaround
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Double Portrait
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.8 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 33 clients thus far.

cut-box describes this slot:

Digital portrait painting of a couple of characters. Transparent or blank background.

What I'm gonna need from you, dear client, is:

  1. Characters' looks.
    Written description and/or visual references, facial features, special features (like horns etc.), piercings, scars, and so on.

  2. Characters' expression/mood.
    Their individual personalities. And most importantly: what is their relationship?

  3. Pose (not super necessary though).
    When you hit that "commission artist" button, you may already have a specific pose in mind. Let me know! If not, I'll definetely figure something out.

...And that's pretty much it. All this information will help a ton creating an accurate vision of your character. OR you can always excercise my artistic freedom!


TillyN writes:

Professional, quick, understanding - and amazing turnout! Highly recommend.

ChrysTheKing writes:

She was incredibly fast at doing such amazing artwork! It came out exactly as I had hoped and will be a perfect gift for my friend!

Wobbafina writes:

The communication/art was fantastic! Thanks again =D

KatieKat writes:

Wonderful as always! Cut-box brings characters to life like no other! Absolutely love the work! <3

LastChoice writes:

Excellent art, very short time for completion.

Katelyncarm writes:

Cutbox never disappoints. I will definitely return again.

halo4mepls97 writes:

Adorable. Absolutely precious work and a sweet artist to work with. :) Will gladly commission again.

Quinnie writes:

First of all: The quality of this artist is absolutely stunning. But let's talk about the patience; we started off with the character not fitting my view. But over the time spent on this commission, it turned out exactly how I wanted it. This all through fine, fine communication! I recommend this artist in a heartbeat.

Enhydra writes:

Excellent work and a quick turn around!

mShri writes:

Wonderfully done, and delightfully quick!

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