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I'm offering digitally painted portraits in semi-realistic style. Original characters (including anthro) as well as real people :)

What I'm gonna need from you, dear client, is:
1. Character's looks. Written description and/or visual references, facial features, special features (like horns etc.), piercings, scars, and so on.

  1. Character's expression/mood. What's their personality like? Are they generally cheerful or grumpy? Would they rather be staring daggers or make a goofy face? What's their attitude towards others? Did something happen to them that affects their demenor? Just what is going on in their heads?

...And that's pretty much it. All this information will help a ton creating an accurate vision of your character. OR you can always excercise my artistic freedom!

client reviews


March 08 2023

Super sweet and easy to work with ?


March 01 2023

Excellent amazing perfect wonderful ???? everything was so fast and with care and detail


December 18 2022

Consistently quick, friendly and very skilled. Highly recommended!


December 15 2022

Fantastic work! Quick!

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.1 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 420 clients thus far.

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