Portrait Headshot Painting
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Portrait Headshot Painting

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[Collaborate Commission with Iruu]

We will draw close-up/headshot of your character in painting, with gradation/abstract background only. :)

  • Portrait only
  • Additional character: not available
  • Detail Outfit/Headwear: +$10
  • Add complex object: +$6

Please give us picture references about the colors or any specific expressions or poses you want if any. Or you may describe them in simple and understandable way.

Thanks in advance!

More sample: https://sta.sh/281uvzi1kco

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 24 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 04 2020

Great artist! Very happy with the end product :)


April 02 2020

They did a amazing job and were quick to respond to feedback. I highly recommend and can see myself commissioning again in the future!


March 18 2020

Fantastic work!


March 11 2020

Fantastic artist! Takes all feedback well and is an extremely nice person. A go to for commissions with great work! I have already recommended them to other friends of mine!


March 03 2020

This artist is absolutely incredible. They listened to what I wanted, made changes when I ask and were just so nice the entire time :) Couldn't recommend them more!


March 02 2020

Amazing to work with as always! 10/10 adorable art and fast responses. Ready to deal with my pickiness with ease <3 Great artist


February 07 2020

Made what I imaged happen so for me and my boyfriend. Amazing work! They are cute and worth ever penny :) Recommend to get work done with this artist. Will come back!


February 03 2020

They are polite, courteous and responsive to changes! They took the extra time to make sure everything looked nice and the artwork came out worlds better then I ever anticipated. I would recommenced them to everyone I know, and feel it still wouldn't be enough.


January 30 2020

I am very happy with the quality of the work I received I am so happy with this commission I really recommend Aifu!


January 17 2020

Came out amazing! Using it for my logo. <3

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