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"Sliucha Sindosa" is a character that originated on the forum boards of "Aelyria" (now Telath), a longstanding original-world freeform play-by-post forum roleplay site.

I've been writing her since 2013 and she's gradually become quite the character! I therefore decided to make the transition from purely literature into art as well, and hope to get some nice commissions of her! Maybe even some of the characters around and involved with her at some point.

I also plan on posting this artwork onto a Twitter I've made for her character. I'll always make sure to ask permission to do this, and provide credit! (Warning: NSFW content.)

By default, any art I commission, the artist has my full permission to post wherever they want, however they want!

Unless stated otherwise, I have no deadlines when it comes to commission, and am more than happy to wait as necessary.

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