Digital semi-realistic portrait
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Digital semi-realistic portrait

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Semi-realistic headshot. I like to draw humans, especially beautiful boys and girls.

The start price is 38$ and can vary according to additional orders such as some kind of effects/detailed accesoires etc. You also can add a second character to make a couple portrait! It'll cost 20$ for a human and 10$ for a pet.

What will you get:
1. My support and answering questions during the all working process.
2. The sketches of process if you need it.
3. High-resolution image.

Sorry. I`ll not draw furry in this slot.

I'm open to all unusual ideas and will make your comission with all my love :3
Thank you.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.9 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


February 28 2020

An incredible piece of art in such a timely manner. Such a great first experience with the site! I will surely be returning in the future. ;)


February 12 2020

Absolutely fantastic, fast turnaround and great communication.


January 08 2020

Very polite and easy to work with.


January 03 2020

Artist was quick, reliable, and was able to realize the character in the way I imagined them to be. Definitely worth checking out!


December 30 2019

worked quickly. very helpful


December 30 2019

Minamen is an amazing artist! Not only is she helpful and patient with understanding your requests and getting them down to a T, but she's also extremely communicative through the process. The fact that she charges so little for such amazing work is utterly unbelievable, please commission her!


December 05 2019

Thank you so much for portraying my beautiful character in such stunning colours and artwork! I will definitely recommend to friends


August 31 2019

The artist has such a lovely art style, unfortunately I'm not entirely happy with the final product merely because it doesn't look quite right to what I imagined in my head. I had asked for an edit and it was made, but it was coloured immediately without showing me so I couldn't see if it looked appropriate or not. However I still paid and I will still enjoy the art, its just a shame I couldnt get it edited back, I wish they let me have a look at their new edit before colouring it in


August 28 2019

Absolutely amazing artist.


November 02 2018

Incredibly talented! So impressed by my water colour commission and all the colours. 10/10 would commission again!

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