Quick Sketch Done in 24 hours
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Quick Sketch Done in 24 hours

Last Active: 5 months ago

This is a slot for quick concept sketches. The objective of this job is to deliver a expressive and elegant art in within a quick turnaround time and at a more affordable price.

*I would prefer that the character has previous visual arts done rather than just descriptions in words and pictures for their features.

~ This slot has 4 options ~

  • Quick B&W (24h)

    *This slot is for lines only, may contain loose lines/shapes like in the sample below.
    • Avatar: $15
    • Half-body: $25
    • 2 Characters: $45
    • +Complex design (tattos/scars, armors, weapons/acessories, textures/patterns on clothing, emblens/symbols): +$2-10
    Sample Image

  • Fast Colored (48h)

    *The coloring will have moody look (limited color palette), may contain loose lines/shapes like in the sample below. But I will do my best to make the image look pleasant and expressive.
    • Avatar: $40
    • Half-body: $70
    • 2 Characters: $110
    • +Complex design (tattos/scars, armors, weapons/acessories, textures/patterns on clothing, emblems/symbols): +$5-30
    Sample Image

  • B&W (1 week)

    • Half-body: $60
    • 2 Characters: $100
    • +Complex design (tattos/scars, armors, weapons/acessories, textures/patterns on clothing, emblens/symbols): +$5-30
    Sample Image

  • Colored (1 week)

    • Avatar: $60
    • Half-body: $100
    • 2 Characters half-body: $180
    • +Complex design (tattos/scars, armors, weapons/acessories, textures/patterns on clothing, emblems/symbols): +$5-50
    Sample Image

~ Informations for the Commission ~

  • Name of the character
  • Reference pictures of the character (can be commissioned art, in-game screenshots, in-book illustrations, something from your favorite artist that you want to incorporate in your piece, real life face ref )
  • Written description (if you think the refs are not enough) including info as occupation/profession, character traits, facial details, hair style, other accessories as jewelry, hat, horns, etc.
  • Preferred position of the head and expression

This slot has three additional requirements:
  • Total creativity freedom over the character's pose/expression (I welcome suggestions, and I will try to find fit pose for their personality/job, unless the additional payment were made)
  • The artist (me) will directly send the complete version of the art. Minor changes will require additional cost.
  • I have total freedom in the ambient lighting and overall color tone of the illustration (but feel free to give suggestions).

Feel free to contact me for any additional information about the commission. =)

In contrast with my other slots, in order to deliver the final art quick I will send the finished art directly and only minor changes are accepted made by me. Major changes may require additional rate of +$10. But I will try my best to make the character as in the description, and there will be no problem as long as the instructions are clear and concise.

The art that I deliver in this slot is loose like in the samples above. I can always polish it later if you want to commission me again.

If there is no need to rush or need better polishing, one may want to consider the my other slots. Thank you! =)

Visual references helps a lot for me to understand the character in the precise way. So please don't hesitate to send me photo references for the pose, screenshot of the character from several angles, etc.

Also you can leave things open for me to use my creativity illustrate the character as I would like. Sometimes it turns out to be very unique and interesting (and sometimes not lol, but I will try my best for sure).

Looking forward to work with you. ^__^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.0 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 36 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 13 2019

The art was exactly what I was looking for! The colors, the expression, everything. This was my first time commissioning an artist and the experience was super smooth and communicative. They took what I said I was looking for and ran with it. Highly recommended!


September 08 2019

P good art. Nice person too.


August 03 2019

The art is amazing and Cong was a professional person to work with. 10/10 Recommendation.


July 06 2019

As always, this artist is incredible to work with! The work is very high-quality and really brings the character to life. Working with this artist is always a pleasant experience!


July 04 2019

I love the art I got! The time it took was worth it but I can't overstate how much I am thankful for the cooperation and attention to detail provided by the artist! PLEASE PLEASE pick up a commission from Zhou, you will not regret it. I can't wait to get the money for my next one.


June 09 2019

This was my second time commissioning this artist, and I had an amazing experience! This artist's work is truly superb, they do an incredible job of bringing your character to life! I would highly recommend this artist!


June 09 2019

Loved it. Would recommend.


May 28 2019

The turn-around was a bit long on this, but the artist had a minor health setback. These things happen. Overall, the person I bought the art for was very happy with it and that's what matters.


May 22 2019

I could not be happier with my experience working with this artist! Communication was very clear and helpful, and I am absolutely in love with the art I commissioned! Everything was even better than I had hoped. I highly recommend this talented artist!


May 22 2019

This artist has excellent work and I highly reccomend them! :)

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