Fantasy Semi-Realistic Digital Painting
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Fantasy Semi-Realistic Digital Painting

Last Active: 7 months ago

I can transform any person into a fantasy-esque figure! The more references and information, the better. Generally this can take quite a bit of time, so please be patient! :)

Some information that should be kept in mind:
- Base price is $57, but only for a bust-up drawing (usually just showing the shoulders and head)
- An additional $18 is added if you want a drawing from the waist-up, as demonstrated by the sample image
- An additional $37 is added if you want a full-body drawing

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 45 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 28 2019

2nd time commissioning the artist. They are amazing to work with! Quick and very helpful! And of course~ amazing work.


August 17 2019

Perfect outcome! Quick turn around, too!


August 14 2019

Amazing work! Would highly recommend!


August 11 2019

SO much communication and was very flexible every step of the way. WONDERFUL product. Thank you so much!!!!! You won't regret working with this artist!!


July 27 2019

Very impressed with this artist! Good communication, updates regularly and was a pleasure to work with!! Highly recommend! ((I’ll definitely be commissioning more from him in the future - if he lets me xD))


July 09 2019

Hal worked quickly and did a gorgeous job. If you have any hesitations in commissioning them, don't! It is well worth the money!


June 25 2019

Amazing artist! Loved the quality of the piece I commissioned. They finished super fast, too. Would absolutely recommend!


June 19 2019

Amazing. Patient! They made a lot of adjustments when and where they were needed without a problem. Will be back!


June 08 2019

One of the best artists I have ever worked with 20/10 will contact again.


May 11 2019

I'm super happy with the outcome of my commission. The artist communicated well, and their turnaround was rather quick queue permitting! Highly recommended!

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