colored character/illustration
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colored character/illustration

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Sketch initial price:
$25 basic waist up character colored sketch
$35 3/4 to full body colored sketch
$15 for each additional character
$5 for simple background

Detailed initial price:
$40 for waist up character
$55 for 3/4 to full body
$20 for detailed background
$30 for each additional character

1) all of the above are initial price, which humans or similar to humans(elf, dwarf, etc.) with minimal clothes.

2) price increases according to details and complexity(added armors, weapons, limbs, etc.)

3) additional basic price +50% applied to these criterias:
-anthros(humanoid animals) -cyborgs/robots -monsters(hydra, dragons, etc) -any other creatures that's more complex than standard humans

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 304 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 21 2019



November 08 2019

Another superb piece for me, deti corrected multiple little things during the process that I forgot or didn't foresee, professionaly and quickly in every case. I really do recommend this artist to anyone coming across this page, you'll be impressed !


October 11 2019

Artist was open to feedback and changes and very quick in their work. Professional demeanor and work. Very pleased with the result!


October 11 2019

Super great artist, who gave regular updates and was super great to work with. I'd recommend them to anybody for their superb work ^^


October 09 2019

Quick to answer, regular updates, very professional, and the artwork turned out so good it was better than anything that I actually imagined for the character (and it is quite cheap considering the quality of the result ^^)


October 04 2019

Great to work with and delivered a real quality piece


September 30 2019

The artist was responsive to requests, responded consistently, and produced excellent artwork. I am incredibly happy with my experience with this artist and would recommend their services to anyone seeking a high-quality portrait.


September 26 2019

Amazing and beautiful art. Understanding when it comes to edits.


September 25 2019

Artist was very prompt and respectful, and helped walk me through every step of the process. A pleasure to work with, and the artwork is amazing! Thank you so much!


September 25 2019

Result was beyond my expectations! Wonderful!

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