colored character/illustration
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colored character/illustration

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A.BASIC PRICE(personal use, DM me for commercial rights)

Sketch initial price:
$27 basic waist up character colored sketch
$40 3/4 to full body colored sketch
$23 for each additional character
$5 for simple background

Detailed initial price:
$45 for waist up character
$60 for 3/4 to full body
$30 for detailed background
$40 for each additional character

1) all of the above are initial price, which humans or similar to humans(elf, dwarf, etc.) with simple clothes.

2) price increases according to details and complexity(added armors, weapons, limbs, etc.)

3) additional basic price +50% applied to these criterias:
-anthros(humanoid animals) -cyborgs/robots -monsters(hydra, dragons, etc) -any other creatures that's more complex than standard humans

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 477 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 11 2020

Amazing communication and updates super happy with the final product


August 07 2020



August 05 2020

Amazing artwork, so happy with it, worth every penny.Captured my OC very beautifully.


August 04 2020

Quick and great work from the artist! More than happy with the results!


August 04 2020

Thank you again. You are a great artist.


August 03 2020

As usual, Deti does NOT disappoint. A fantastic artist, great communication, amazing work ethics and methods. I couldn't recommend Deti enough!


August 01 2020

I was a bit scared of seeing a few of those negative comments, but all I can say is that you shouldn't be worrying as I did! It's a wonderful and talented artist that deserves attention they get! Wonderful work, often updates and quick contact!


July 31 2020

Artist was fantastic, timely and kept me updated. I admit that I hit 'refresh' a lot just out of sheer eagerness to see their work!


July 29 2020

Deti is quick and professional -- Lovely to work with!


July 23 2020

I commissioned Deti to do a full body piece for a new original character of mine (an Eldar Farseer from Warhammer 40,000) The end result was fantastic! Deti has geat comms an was always willing to listen and do changes I wanted something changing. Very happy the end result, well worth the money.

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