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colored character/illustration
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A.BASIC PRICE(personal use, DM me for commercial rights)

Sketch initial price:
$30 basic waist up character colored sketch
$50 3/4 - full body colored sketch
$25 for each additional character
$10 for simple background

Detailed initial price:
$45 for waist up character
$70 for 3/4 to full body
$40 for detailed background
$45 for each additional character

1) all of the above are initial price, which humans/similar to humans(elf, dwarf, mi'qote, etc.) with minimal/no cloths

2) price increases according to details and complexity(armors, weapons, limbs, body marks, etc.)

3) additional basic price +50% applied to these criterias:
-anthros(humanoid animal)
-monsters(hydra, dragons, etc)
-any creature that's more complex and/or larger than standard human

client reviews


January 25 2022

Art was amazingly done. I’m happy how it turned out. :3


January 18 2022

You did a SUPERB job! I really appreciate all of the updates you provided throughout the entire process and you were very receptive to my feedback as I offered it. Will definitely be commissioning you again in the future :)


January 17 2022

Pricey but excellent and with a quick start after commissioning


January 13 2022

Very friendly and open to suggestion, I will def be commissioning again

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