colored character/illustration

This is a commission slot. You can hire deti to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 25.00 base price
  • 3 days - 1 month estimated turnaround
  • 1 / 3 available
colored character/illustration
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 177 clients thus far.

deti describes this slot:

Sketch artwork initial price
$25 basic waist up character colored sketch
$35 3/4 to full body colored sketch
$15 for each additional character
$5 for simple background(bricks, abstract)

Detailed artwork initial price
$40 for waist up character
$55 for 3/4 to full body
$20 for detailed background
$30 for each additional character

all of the above are initial price, which is standard humanoid, simple/minimal clothes)
price increases according to details and complexity. PM me for further information and special requests


Kierantheking writes:


Runok writes:


jorbo125 writes:

Absolutely amazing artist, for the price the work looks incredible. Really good communication, kept me informed and was very prompt in responding.

bry648 writes:


Pacha writes:

Amazing artist! responsive, helpful, talented, communicative. everything you want for your commission!

Vantilles writes:

Awesome work!

Oh my goodness, this was AMAZING! They were so polite, and their artwork is incredible! This was one of the fastest commissions I've received, and I'm going to thank my friend so much for recommending me. This is great! I totally would consider commissioning them again!

Archer358 writes:

Quick, attentive, quality, and worth every dollar!

Tahldrin writes:

I couldn't be happier! Very quick to respond and post updates, asking for input every step of the way. I can't recommend them enough! Well worth it!

GoldenLokosian writes:

Excellent. Absolutely Excellent. 10/10 Would recommend Will probably commission again

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