Colored Half Body
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Colored Half Body

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Colored Halfbody commission:

  • Comes with a free simple Background as shown on the example.

  • Reference MUST be provided.

  • You'll have two WIPs to make changes and observations.

Will Do:
Fanart / OC's / Anthro / Creatures / Animals / NSFW (If need samples let me know!) / ask me if yours isn't here!

Won't Do:
Mecha / Gore (I'm OK with skeletons, or undead characters though!) / Robots

Backgrounds: + $10 (May vary depending on complexity)

Extra Character: + $20 (May vary depending on complexity)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 10 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 09 2020

Wonderful work!


June 30 2020

Wonderful to work with!


June 18 2020

Fantastic art, artist is prompt and attentive. Excellent to do business with! Will definitely commission again!


May 21 2020

Great art, artist was a real pleasure to work with. Will definitely commissiom again.


February 20 2020

Her skills are getting much better with each commission i do with her. This is High Quality stuff she is doing.


February 18 2020

Came to the artist with an idea and they knocked it out of the park! Love the final piece that I got. They were wonderful to work with! No issues at all and willing to make adjustments and fix things to my liking. Even created a temporary change to see how an edit would look to help make a decision for the final piece. Artist even gladly provided the requested filetypes and versions. Thanks so much! The art is high quality and I'm very impressed with what I got! :D


October 08 2019

This artist has worked on a number of my OC's for me. Die does a lot of great work and works with you on details, in a timely and professional matter. If you are looking for a great artist with great prices Die is the perfect choice.


August 21 2019

Really Amazing work. Took a bit longer but did it to make it perfect.


May 22 2019

I feel warm and fuzzy everytime I look at my finished product. I had fun communicating with this artist, and their art style is unique and makes you feel warm and fuzzy.


March 16 2019

Asked her to do something new, and they pulled through, very efficient in their work, talked to you every step of the way and the outcome is amazing. Will ask for more work in the next few weeks.

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