Helltaker style half body
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Helltaker style half body

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I'll draw whatever character you want in the style of Helltaker! Any pose can be chosen but price may vary with more complicated ones.

If you want any additional sprites with different poses for your character, then the second pose is 12.50 and each subsequent pose for the character is 10.00. Any new characters start off at 15.00, though!

I can also make a mock-screenshot like in the example for an additional 2.50 with text and only the background for free!

Image size varies but the actual character will be around 2000 pixels long and just over 1000 pixels wide.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 25 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 13 2021

Fast, knew what I wanted. Will probably hire again.


January 13 2021

Very happy with what I received! Artist gave me constant updates and was super polite!


December 29 2020

Very good and shows every step of the process. Will likely commission another!


December 20 2020

Absolutely gorgeous work, true to the style. Kept me updated and was a pleasure to work with.


November 08 2020

Very good, give them money


October 11 2020

Great service, provided exactly what I needed.


October 03 2020

The art was very impressive and they worked incredibly fast but I would have preferred to have more communication


September 29 2020

Would definitely commission again. Provided wips and was very responsive! Definitely reccomend! ^^


September 27 2020

They were super nice, showed progress all the way until the final product and were open for feedback, they also did a custom background for me for a small price even though that wasn't originally in their job description, 100% would recommend and commission again if I needed another character in this style


September 27 2020

The artist kept me updated through absolutely every step of the process, and was kind and considerate the whole time!

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