Anime "half-body" full color
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Anime "half-body" full color

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I'm drawing digital anime characters!send me requests :D!

A4 format (300 dpi)

You can check out my works here:

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 11 2019

Very quick, easy, and fun to work with. Highly recommend for quality art!


October 04 2019

I’m here for a third time. You already know what’s up.


September 25 2019

Once again, I was not disappointed. He’s an incredibly fast worker and the quality is top notch. So stop reading and commission him already.


September 24 2019

Great artist, very responsive and cares!


September 21 2019

Fast, cooperative and informative! 10/10 Would commission again.


September 19 2019

Amazing artist who delivers every time. Captures a characters look perfectly.


September 18 2019

Great art. Very much worth the price. Great to work with. Gets the job done in a timely manner and doesn’t cut corners in terms of quality. Would commission again.


September 14 2019

This was my second commission with Lastnumber, and I am even more satisfied than with this than the first one I received. Very fast turn around time and willing to make small changes to my satisfaction. I am will probably commission more in the future.


September 01 2019

One of the best. Get art from this man if you want good art, its as simple as that.


August 25 2019

Very quick! 1 revision during lineart, besides that absolutely nailed it. Highly suggest this artist.

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