Danganronpa style half-bodies
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Danganronpa style half-bodies

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A sprite of a character either existing or in concept displayed as a Danganronpa style, cell-shaded, half body sprite. These will be front view with basic arms to the side posing unless specifically requested otherwise.

I can add pure black shading (Or make it completely black shading).

Cross-hatching is possible, but will require more time and will boost the price considerably.

NSFW content is possible.

Examples found here: https://twitter.com/DioNotorious

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 36 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 05 2020

Amazingly kind, fast, and talented! It was great working with them, and included a lot of little details too! I'd happily commission again, it was fun and worth it...!


June 29 2020

Amazing, even gave a step by step of how they were progressing with the art. Really loved this commission, and the communication between the artist and myself.


June 28 2020

Fast and always keeps you updated on the progress! The art came out beautifully and I love it <3


June 24 2020

Easy to communicate with and flexible with requests. Highly recommend!


June 23 2020

AMAZING ARTIST and super fast. Would recommend to anyone, and will!


June 23 2020

NotoriousDIO did great work, and there was a relatively quick turnaround time!


June 22 2020

Artist was friendly, fast and very professional. Certainly can't recommend them enough, they understood everything I wanted and created an amazing commission!


June 22 2020

Fantastic work, very quick and worth the money.


June 14 2020

Very open and willing to work with me to get the picture I'd like. Would commission pictures for them again.


April 18 2020

Was very quick, responsive, and friendly. Knew exactly what I had in mind, and delivered in a nice and timely manner! Would totally recommend this artist!

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