Full Body Digital Commission

This is a commission slot. You can hire rara10 to create a personalized artwork of this sort here.

  • $ 40.00 base price
  • varies to a week or 2 depending on availablity. estimated turnaround
  • Sold out
Full Body Digital Commission
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 66 clients thus far.

rara10 describes this slot:

IF commission slot is closed, I'm probably finishing some pending commission in the past week.

*please check my queue list
I usually have queues in for my private commissions*

  • Expect additional fees depending on details and difficulty
  • per character payment. +25$ per additional character
  • will do OCs or fanarts
  • anime style
  • simple background. ( white, patterned or gradianted)
  • pose may vary if not specified.
  • drawn and colored digitally.
  • will not do mech,full armors, muscular man, , furries, anthro, full armor. tho mild anthro is fine (ears, tails, wings)
  • prefer females.
  • Revisions: only doing minor revisions like color corrections and minor hair alter.
  • PRICE may vary depending on difficulty
  • NSFW commissions will be at a higher BASE price.
  • Once accepted, I won't be starting to do the commission unless in Paid Status

*Complex characters may have an additional fee (very detailed clothing, armor, weapons, wings, tattoos etc).

*you could check my other work here


vongoalyken12 writes:

Great work as always! Thanks for the awesome commission!

JrockJL writes:

Amazing to work with

Pulse4 writes:

More than excellent job, very good artist

bfd3395 writes:

The commission turned out amazing, not to mention that he had some of the best communication and feedback i've seen on here. Would highly recommend.

vongoalyken12 writes:

Artists was great with keeping me informed of my commission. High quality work that was delivered promptly. I wil most likely commission him/her again down the road. Thanks for such a fantastic illustration!

ParaVox3 writes:

This artist is very good, and kept me informed through the process. They requested feedback at each step, and were willing to step in with suggestions when I was unsure. Thank you, rara10!

archiu writes:

It was great and fast,i recommend this artist to everyone :)

valkyrie writes:

Quick and easy to work with

Tbuki writes:

Worked diligently even though I said time wasn't an issue. 10/10 will refer others

AevumEternity writes:

Very adaptable to my desires, produced an incredible piece that is absolutely stunning, I do hope to come back to this artist in the future!

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