Clean LineArt
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Clean LineArt

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LOWERING PRICE DUE to the Pandemic_

IF commission slot is closed, I'm probably finishing some pending commission in the past week.

  • will do OCs or fanarts
  • anime style
  • lineart ready for coloring ( no shadows, just clean lineart)
  • pose may vary if not specified..
  • will not do anthro, full armors, muscular males. mild anthro is fine (ears, tails, wings)
  • per character payment
  • prefer FEMALES.
  • Revisions: only doing minor revisions
  • NSFW commissions will be at a higher BASE price. mostly pin-ups
  • Once accepted, I won't be starting to do the commission unless in Paid Status

*Complex characters may have an additional fee (very detailed clothing, armor, weapons, wings, tattoos etc).

*you could check my other work here

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 26 2020

Slightly longer than other commissions I have had, but it is wonderful work! The artist was creative while also taking instructions on specific details. Love how it turned out!


April 15 2020

Incredibly easy to work with, made every change I asked for quickly and without issue, the art is high quality, and all around it was a great experience! Highly reccommend!


February 21 2020

I got dailys update for my commission, and the when is something is bothering you the artist will change it. Im really happy with the result


February 04 2020

Excellent communication and consistent updates almost daily at a reasonable time. Highly recommend.


August 21 2019

A pleasure to work with and followed my request perfectly and was fine answering any questions I had. Would definitely commission again.


July 13 2019

Professional artist. Very skilled and gave me detailed and frequent updates. Can’t recommend them enough.


May 31 2019

Very thorough in keeping his client up to date on the process. Works well with what you ask for and delivers. No complaints or mishaps. Was my first commission piece on the site and has definitely set the bar quite high with this experience. If I ever need another commission piece, I know who to go to. Again, great service and communication from a wonderful talent. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a commission.


May 24 2019

Love it! Fantastic communication and patience throughout the process, excellent results and good price. Would definitely commission again!


March 13 2019

Another amazing commission! Thank you <3


February 08 2019

The artist was very communicative and gave regular updates on the status of each stage of the work piece. Beyond all else, this artist has absolutely stunning work. For a great price on an anime piece, I was very pleased with the outcome!

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