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Hi~ I'm Jfreimei <3

I mainly post my artwork on my Instagram Here<3

(but recently I quite busy so I forgot the Insta ỤvU)

You can DMs me via discord ÙvÚb

User name: jfreimei

Support me in here (ko-fi)

For more commissions info please read at my ToS tab >vOb


Announcement (last update: 2/1/2022)

  • Happy lunar new year everyone <33



Q: Are you drawing other species? (draenei, elf, kemonomimi,...)
- Yes, humanoid or at least 75% body of the character is human-like is okay, I like to drawing fantasy things too ^^

Q: How about the options? How much for specific requests for the piece?
- No additional fee for anything<3 clothes, pose, expression,... anything about your character is included in the slot already.

Q: Are you allow revisions?
- I'm not sure what revision means but all adjustments only happen when I'm not coloring the piece, changing pose it allowed to but just in the sketch phase. I'm drawing in one layer so anything change in large scale are hard to do. Sorry QwQ

Q: How about NFSW and R-18G ?
- If your reference is NFSW is okay with me, lewd things not matter much for me to see but if to draw... I don't think I have enough anatomy knowledge for it yet so no, even you are willing to pay more
- R-18G aka Guro are not allowed in my commissions
- Anything related to NFSW will be updated when I'm open a specific slot for it (but... that the far future)

Q: What difference between the normal slot and the discount one?
- The normal one will have higher priority on my list, there no difference in the quality, I always make the comm as good as I can, that's why the making time a little bit long ỤvU You can pick the normal one when in rush or like to support me <(")


Ongoing and waitlist

Uhh... ~~coming soon~~ I'll update later Ụ vU checking the markdown feel so tired QwQ term will update later too ehehe I'm leiziii~


  • Colored knee up illustration
  • Character illustration (knee up)
  • Colored Burst-up
  • Colored Burst-up ilustration
  • Colored Headshot (close-up) illustration

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