Colored Bust Up
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Colored Bust Up

Last Active: 13 hours ago

I will draw any character bust up! (or waist up)

size: A5 300dpi

i do:

  • Fanarts
  • Original Character
  • Simple BG

i don't:

  • Full Mecha
  • Gore
  • Furry
  • Detailed BG


  • Prefer female characters
  • Reference and detail will be a great help
  • Working time may get affected if i have finals or tests irl

Feel free to message me to ask questions! :D

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 28 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 25 2020

Very wonderful to work with!


June 03 2020

Loved it. Will deffo be back next I get paid


February 16 2020

It was great! Merlt was fast, and highly accommodating! They checked in at every part of the process and was careful to make sure that it was everything that I wanted! I will definitely look into getting another commission from them!


January 29 2020

She captured EXACTLY what I wanted and was so easy to work with. I'm already looking to commission her for another work.


January 10 2020

Great to work with and great quality and talent!


December 30 2019

Artist was super flexible and worked very promptly, and the product was above my expectations. Would definitely recommend!


November 13 2019

Lovely artist! Would absolutely recommend for further commissions. Is courteous to you if you ever have a tedious schedule. Lovely human being.


October 18 2019

Very easy to work with, very charming style. Very quick too.


October 18 2019

Amazing artist. Very nice, helpful and the art is gorgeous. The closest thing to a complaint I have is that they had to leave for a few days without notification, but that's understandable all things considered, and the wait was definitely worth it!


September 27 2019

Pure destiled perfection :3 <3

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