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Full Colored Chibi
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I'm not really sure when I can open the commission again as there's quite some stuff going on IRL, but hopefully around the end of July or August!

Thanks again for all the interest :D

Base Price:
1 Character: $25
Add more characters +$20

There will be an additional charge ($3-$10) for a detailed character.

Will do:
Anime Style, Male/Female, Fanart/OC, Yuri / Yaoi / Straight, Simple BG
Won't do:
Furry, Mecha, NSFW, Extremely Complicated Character/BG, Realism

You will get a PNG and a PSD file.

Canvas Size: A4 300dpi (feel free to ask me if you want to custom the size)

Personal use only!
For commercial use, do let me know first.


client reviews


June 24 2022

Amazing, talented and extremely responsive. Takes your directions and cares about your opinion at every step of the way, will definitely recommend them to anyone!


June 09 2022

Some things came up for them and so they had to delay the piece a few times but it was well worth the wait! Very polite and good work.


June 09 2022

Was very open to special requests and additions. We took our time with the back and forth for the commission but it was worth the wait.


April 15 2022

Grear art, communicated every step

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  • Colored Sketch
    Closed 184

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 39 clients thus far.

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