Cell Shade Anime Style!
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Cell Shade Anime Style!

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Please Read! :3

Will do:
- OC / Fanart
- Character Design

Didn't do:
- Hentai, but Echi it's ok
- Monster, Creature

Price List:
- Bust up $15
- Waist up $20
- Full body $30
(+) Background $15 (depens on complexity)

You will get:
- High-resolution image (min A4 300dpi)

- The estimated time depends on the artwork details.
- Message me for more info or custom request, just tell me what you want
- I will have the right to use the artwork as my portfolio (upload on my social media), except the client ask me to not.

I was working as 2D Illustrator at an illustration studio in Indonesia
I have experience for years as an illustrator, so I love to improve my skill, and always do my best to client.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 17 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 29 2020

Loved the work and love how quick it took!


October 29 2020

awesome to work with and the finished project was gorgeous!


October 23 2020

The artist was very friendly and produced an amazing piece. I highly recommend them.


October 15 2020

Alfianzer is not only an amazing artist but an excellent person all the way around. My communication with him was easy and fun from the very beginning. He was up front with his questions, kept me involved every step of the process, followed instructions well and produced amazing results!


September 20 2020

Did an outstanding job in such short notice! Friendly and professional! :D


September 17 2020

Great Artist. Quality work


August 25 2020

Super talented and a pleasure to work with. :D


August 25 2020

Was pleasure to work with! Art is very nice too!


August 14 2020

An artist so nice and very easy to work with. And their art is gorgeous so just go and commission them, they totally worth it ^^


August 06 2020

Second piece by them and it was amazing, if anything I was the slow one in responding. They were very very quick and the work was flawless for the price I paid.

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