Affordable Half body Couple (color)
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Affordable Half body Couple (color)

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An affordable commission!
Consist of a simple lineart, for 1 or 2 characters with minimal details.
Normal coloring and shadows included.

* Will do:
Anime-Manga Style, Semi-realistic Style, Fanart/OC.
SFW Yuri - Yaoi - Straight (I have a NSFW slot too, check my profile).
Simple mechanical parts (arms, foot, leg...).
Solid color or transparent BG.

* Won't do:
Furry, Mecha, Gore.
Extremely Complicated Character/BG.
Over the top accessories and/or very detailed stuff (ask before if you don't know I'll be able to do certain ones).

Canvas Default Size: 1000x1000px, 300dpi png or jpg. You can ask for the size you need.

Please provide enough references and/or details for the pose, gestures/expressions for each character.

Will be done on 11 days or less!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 11 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 05 2020

Fantastic artist, polite and easy to work with!


March 23 2020

Fantastic artist and very communicative individual. Would definitely commission again.


February 11 2020

This artist was great at communicating with me! Poor Prongsie got sick while working on the picture and still managed to provide amazing work!


October 22 2019

Ever kind and always capable; one of my favorite artists to work with!


October 07 2019

One of if not THE nicest and most considerate artists. I am always blown away at their efforts.


September 30 2019

EASILY one of the nicest, most responsive, most engaged people I have met through this site. I will now absolutely be a regular. BUY FROM THIS ARTIST. (Or don't, so I can have more of their attention! :P )


August 29 2019

Really amazing work and works with you every step of the way!


August 10 2019

Highly recommended! Great to work with and the final artwork is beautiful! Thanks so much.


June 19 2019

Amazing and quick work! Very adorable art :3


May 03 2019

Great to work with, helpful, quick to respond and fantastic art!

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