OTP/Couple Digital Colored
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OTP/Couple Digital Colored

OTP/Couple commissions!
You get a digitaly colored pic (300dpi) of your fav couple - two characters, simple lines, base colors with simple shading, you can choose the pose, clothes, mood, ect.! Whoever and whatever you want! :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 23 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 11 2019

Incredibly understanding, cooperative and quick to respond, not to mention the super charming art style


February 10 2019

Roromish is very professional and accommodating, it was a pleasure to work with them!


February 10 2019

Beautiful work, highly recommend, very professional artist.


January 26 2019

Absolutely gorgeous work! Bought surprise art for my best friend and she cried.


January 21 2019

Fantastic as usual, see my previous reviews.


December 28 2018

Really amazing and detailed work. Artist is very open to changes throughout the process and returns work quickly.


December 19 2018

Another lovely commission from this great artist. Turned out amazing again, can't recommend them enough! <3


December 19 2018

Amazing work! Very easy to talk to and work with, great communication, and did an absolutely gorgeous portrait!


December 16 2018

Very nice art!


December 13 2018

I had an amazing experience with this artist! They were very friendly, worked quickly, and the finished product came out even better than anticipated. I'd definitely recommend!

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