Soft Watercolor (Reopen Later)
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Soft Watercolor (Reopen Later)

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4/20/20: Reopening in 2-ish months after I am through with my current queue~ ^^ Thank you all for the requests!


  • priced by design :: simple: $6 | mid-tier: $16 | complex: $26 :: extras: +$6/$16/$26
  • simple prop/pet: free | small detailed prop/pet: +$3 | large detailed prop/pet: +$6
  • simple bg: free | complex bg: +$6

MUST provide visual reference

Read my Profile and Terms for additional details.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 30 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 02 2020

Fantastic work! Amazing turn around time and amazing communication! Always was happy to check in with me for any changes or alterations needed. 10/10 skill and talent, will for sure commission again!


April 27 2020

Great and amazing person to work with!


April 27 2020

Very excellent. Communications was amazing and very responsive!


April 25 2020

I'm not even sure the amount of times I've commissioned them at this point, but Artofawang has NEVER disappointed! By far one of the best artists on here, they're always the first to come to mind for whatever type of artwork I'm looking to get!


April 14 2020

Great art, fast, beautiful work. Would ask for art again from them.


March 28 2020

This is probably the sixth or seventh time that I'm commissioned artofawang and it will definitely not be the last! If you want a gorgeous piece for a great price, then absolutely reach out to them!


March 27 2020

Amazing experience with this artwork, the final piece was very beautiful and stunning. They worked perfectly with my description and even came up with a great background from the vague idea I gave. They made it perfect for my needs, and I will definitely come back again!


March 18 2020

Repeat customer -- amazing as always! 10/10 would recommend.


March 06 2020

The entire process was professional, fast and awesome. I gave them a huge project with lots of characters and everyone involved was beyond happy! She adjusted to changes and was super kind the whole process!


December 17 2019

Awake is very easy to work with and works really fast, which isn’t even mentioning how amazing the art is!!! Super high quality and absolutely worth it. Thank you so much again!

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