Portrait painting
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Portrait painting

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come with your brief and i'll draw it for you
no revision limit
you can view my other artwork here : https://www.deviantart.com/kholilciko https://www.artstation.com/c-ko

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.6 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 19 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 21 2020

Beautiful work!


July 22 2020

Very easy to work with on a complex project. I have already started a second project with this artist.


June 08 2020

Artist was wonderful to work with and the final product is incredible. Very good communication and has been very good about any changes that needed to be made/confirming changes they would like to make with me before going through with them. Visual updates have been provided throughout, making for a wonderful time commissioning them.


March 18 2020

Amazing artist, wonderful to work with!


February 16 2020

Well worth the wait. Very easy to work with and I definitely recommend!


December 02 2019

Well worth the wait! The commission couldnt have turned out any better and I'm super happy with it!


October 01 2019

It went along amazing the artists gave me several different poses over the entire process and made the process relatively easy and pain free. Even kept me up to date when I asked for progress and explained situations clearly.


July 21 2019

They did a good job with the vague instructions I gave them. They price point was right on the mark!


July 20 2019

Good to work with!


June 27 2019

Made many changes and was willing to work through my change requests. Very grateful for patient worker.

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