Colored Outfit Design

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  • $ 15.00 base price
  • 3 days to 1 weeks estimated turnaround
  • 2 / 2 available
Colored Outfit Design
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

RedParasora describes this slot:

*Colored outfit design. Simple shading.
*No background
*Additional $10 for each additional outfit on purchase. (No more than 3 at a time)
*Additional price may be added depending on the amount of detail required for an outfit. (to be discussed)

Image will-
*Be on a

 -For 1 outfit: 8x13 canvas.
 -For 2 outfits: 8x16 canvas.
 -For 3 outfits: 8x20 canvas.

*Be 300 ppi


MrNiceguy463 writes:

This artist was amazing, she worked very closely with me to ensure I got exactly what i wanted. and even made the extra effort to send me Sample images. of sketches, outlines, Base color designs, all before sending me the finished product, and even then she choose to go the extra mile and ask me if was totally happy with the final product, giving me the change to change anything.i may of not liked, which was nothing, she was simply amazing. less then a day and she had the bust for my character Zoey, finished and ready for me, her style is wonderful too, out of pure curiosity I decided to look at some of other work and i know for a fact that if i never need any sort of Work done I am definitely going to come back,

MrNiceguy463 writes:

After the First piece i asked for i just had to ask for another from this amazing artist, but this time instead of a Cyborg woman, i asked for a bust picture of a female Furry picture for My Girlfriend Tumblr account, to help promote her Youtube Channel, and this image of her showing she was willing to answer any questions her fans were willing to ask, came out So much better then expected, the shadowing the way the hair looks and look on her face are all just amazing. and just like before, The Artist spoke to me every step of the way and made sure everything was just the way i liked it,

gestahlt writes:

Excellent, quick work and was willing to help see every design idea realized. A wonderful worker and a great experience.

gestahlt writes:

A marvelous artist and designer.

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