FULL | detailed character & environment
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FULL | detailed character & environment

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Fully colored character(s). Price can and will vary depending on the number of characters and the complexity of the background.

. p r i c e . v a r i a t i o n s

||| any ADDITIONAL CHARACTER will cost +50% of the base price, +25% for 3 characters and more. If the character is very simple however, I can charge a bit less.

||| the BACKGROUND range is from 0$ to 50$ depending on the complexity. [reference is highly encouraged!!]

. colors & textures ... 0$

. sky, window, bed, office setting ... 5$ - 12 $

. quiet street, natural scenery, water-based environment [pool, beach] ... 12.5$ - 20$

. busy environment, cities, highly detailed sceneries, etc. ... 20$ - 50$

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 10 2020

Absolutely wonderful


June 10 2020

Amazing work, so quick and so creative I really really love it!


June 10 2020

They are so good at attention to detail— expressions— these are so worth the money thank you so much yet again!


June 02 2020

I couldn’t resist and I bought another one! These are so amazing I love them so much! Definitely gonna buy again!


June 01 2020

Super fast! Very easy to communicate with! Absolutely worth it!!


May 20 2020

Fast and accurate to vision! And Best of all - Drama and Judge-Free--BLESS. <3


May 16 2020

Artist was absolutely wonderful to work with! Quick delivery with a high quality result in the end. They were very kind and I'd love to work with them again. If you're looking for a talented artist to produce a piece you'll be satisfied with, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone! I know that I'll be back for times to come!


April 28 2020

Absolutely amazing! Tatie was incredibly patient with all of my questions (I had so many) and helped me as someone new to commissioning through this website. They were very communicative through the process and the art? Lord! The details? The quality?? -Chef hand kiss- perfection. I hardly ever write ratings, it usually takes either something super amazing or super super bad to get me to write, so let that speak for itself. I'm definitely going to be commissioning again when my next paycheck comes through.


April 26 2020

Amazing job! Speedy reply and result just as promised, with great attention to detail and a unique, cartoony style.


April 21 2020

Wonderful work! Was able to suit what I wanted perfectly and was very polite to communicate with. Super quick just like it said it would be!

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